Core Collection

Planning an idea, sketching, and gouache all help prepare for larger paintings. See Silver Harmony video in 'Process' library for an oil painting of this study.

1hr 30min

This is a new video for you to either try to copy step-by-step, or (really good to try this...) find your own material, re-design it based on the tips in the first part, and create your own painting. Photo reference is attached for the marsh scene if you'd like to copy the demo.

HOW TO DRAMATICALLY IMPROVE YOUR ART: In this demo video I present several ways to understand our subject and sketches. Do not skip these ideas and examples! Try simple sketches first. It will take 10 min.

Consistently in classes I find students skip the value sorting, and compositional sketching ideas to jump to the main painting. Yes, the concept is very simple and it should look easy so you can understand it. It's more work to sort this for yourself and re-design an image for better composition, but this is what leads to success and growth. Practice this skill, it will get easier.

BONUS! SECOND DEMO: Plein air on the Potomac River (see next video in the Episode list). This video presents how to scout a location and create a painting on location (with palette and scene shown).

For new students this is a bit different than the typical class... by having the lecture and demo to watch and re-watch (a week before class) you can process the information on a deeper level by painting along with the videos and not just passively watching (although this is OK too!). We all learn differently and at different speeds, class has been extremely happy with the schedule of a full week to work on the concept (so we are live every other week). Live class then reviews what we have learned, we discuss any problems that came up, and have the critique of Participant's work. You can then continue working on the project to make more art or do revisions after class. There is no need to rush to 'make something'... remember you will have several weeks to watch all the videos if you are a slower painter.

The demo/concepts are geared to all media.

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