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Maximize your snow day! What to paint? How to choose? Good/bad snow photos. Short demo outdoors.


Snow and winter have a more limed span to paint and gather reference, due to cold temperatures, and dramatic light conditions. Learn what makes a good and bad scene and how to trick your iPhone camera to take better photos. (Shown in video is iPhone 12Pro). Note: an additional factor is the glare caused by snow can cause your eyes to become extra fatigued, just like at the beach! This further limits time that can be spent outdoors observing or painting.

Get outside to see the true colors and be inspired. Note the color 'chips' of sky vs snow shadow. Warm/cool and light/dark relationships. See what can be merged and grouped together. The less detail and fuss the better. Snow in art does not 'feel' like crisp detail, let paint merge to mimic the soft snow.

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