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Welcome to my online learning website! By creating an account you can view a collection of videos including full demos with palette shown. View this content regardless of whether you enroll in any paid programing. Free!



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View full art demos with palette and reference. Watch a small study become a larger painting. Practice simple ways to master good design, color theory and value. Find out what makes a 'good' subject, learn tips for painting outdoors, and also how (and when) to re-do a painting. Topics include: Landscape, Cityscape, Still Life, Digital Tools and more. New content is added monthly. A bonus collection of Beyond the Easel episodes (guest artists and other creatives) is included. The self-learning Library Subscription is $10/month with a 1 year subscription, or $15/monthly.


Live lesson demos, Q/A sessions, and class critiques are exclusive to the guided class experience. Recorded classes let you re-watch or take the workshop on your own time. Students are coached to find their own creative style. The class course page allows students easy access to all assignments (reference material, lesson plan, and video). Classes are viewable for an unlimited timeframe, allowing students who have missed the live broadcast access to the recorded episodes. Prices vary from $95 to $195 depending on duration.

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Two options are available for critique: 1) Live Class students are eligible for possible critique selection for free. Each Live Class, 5-10 student images are selected and critiqued; attending class does not guarantee your work will be critiqued. Selection criteria is on what will facilitate class learning (not merit-based) and is anonymous. 2) A limited number of private individual critiques are available each month for $100 (via email, Photoshop corrections, 1-2 images). Members are notified via email when a new group of private critiques are available. Private critique priority is given to active students learning from a Live Class or Prior Class package.

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"I’ve learned so much from this class - how to take better photos to use for reference, how to use photos without being locked into them, how to see greens better, how to compose.... it goes on and on. The variety of lessons has give me the confidence to attempt many more subjects than before. And, I can certainly say my painting has improved...In fact I sold my very first painting today!"
C. L.
"These are excellent lessons, and I’m learning a ton! Now I have a better idea of how to compose a photo to make a good painting reference. Too bad I didn’t know that years ago!... Thanks!"
C. B. L.
"Thank you so much Christine! I absolutely love this workshop... You have provided the answers to many of my questions that I had for years."
A. G.
I am thoroughly enjoying the audit - you really are an incredible teacher and I am learning so much from you - greatly appreciated :) A. W.
"What you are doing is excellent ... Your approach is the best way for a student to see details through the trained eyes of a professional artist, up close with brush and panel; this can't be accomplished as effectively outside a studio setting. I have already learned so much by watching and painting along with you which would have taken many month (or years) outside a studio environment... Keep doing what you're doing!"
M. W.
"Thank you so so much for such an inspiring and helpful set of classes. I so appreciate all the hard work that you have dedicated to making them so effective. Evey week added so many new tools and skills for me. As a lifelong educator, you provided every component of skillful teaching and learning."
C. S.
"Just wanted to thank you for a fantastic lesson today! You're an amazing teacher, and I'm learning soo much from you! Thank you so much for offering these!"
L. A.
"I especially like your explanation of how to change elements from photos to create an original design sketch and then a painting... It’s also great to see the demo up so close and watch how you change things as you go along. It’s a natural process and not glued to the photo. Also, normally in a class, people are so crowded around you that we have to peep in and around everyone’s shoulders to catch a glimpse of what you are doing. Here, it’s easy to see everything. Then to top it off, you make a recording of the demo and the critique so we can go back and look closely again. Perfect"
J. R.

"I sold the last painting I painted of my own photo for our class and got the most engagement ever on a painting with my social audiences! I'm rethinking every composition and making sure it tells some kind of story now."
M. N.