Frequently Asked Questions

What should I do if I've lost my password?

If you have enrolled it's easy to get a new password.

Begin by clicking Login in the navigation menu at the top of your screen (next to FAQ).

You will see the screen below. Simply click "Forgot password":

Next, enter the email address you used to enroll in the course on the screen shown below:

Click "Send reset email" and we'll send you an email (to verify your identity) with instructions to reset your password.

Be sure to look in your Spam email folder if you don't see the reset email we've sent in your inbox.

Let us know if you have any other problems.

Where is my class (I see the Core Collection screen when I login)?

All login's start at the "Core Collection".

Your Class will be found on the "Class" page. Simply click on "Class" in the top Navigation Bar.

The Library is found by clicking "Library" in the top Navigation Bar.

How do I purchase a new Class or subscribe to the Library?

This is easy!

Start by clicking "Account" in the top Navigation bar.

You will see the following pop-up window:

Click "Plan" (green arrow) and then click "Edit options" (red arrow).

You will then see the following pop-up window:

The items you already own are shown with a checked box (i.e., Garden Class above).

Click on any of the un-checked boxes you would like to purchase and then click "Complete plan change"

You will be guided through the remainder of the checkout process.

I signed up but haven't got any emails in a while, am I missing informational updates?

There might be a problem with your email filter marking our emails as junk. Check your spam folder. Also check your email spelling to be sure you entered a valid email. Add us as a 'contact' to make sure your system knows our email (sent with your confirmation subscription) is trusted. In rare cases, you may have accidentally hit the 'unsubscribe' button at the end of a site email, or an aggressive email server can decide to bounce or block incoming email from our system. If you have concerns about getting emails, please use the contact form on the website to reach us.

You may be missing important updates such as: New Content, Class Notes, Reminders for Class, and Site Maintenance.

We may send from 1-3 emails/per month for basic Core members, up to 2-3/per week to Class participants and Learning Library subscribers. Making sure our emails can communicate is important.

How to I unsubscribe from the Library and what happens?

Start by clicking "Account" in the top Navigation bar.

You will see the following pop-up window:

Click "Plan" (green arrow) and then click "Edit options" (red arrow).

You will then see the following pop-up window:

Simply click the green checked box to the left of "Library Subscription" and then click "Complete plan change". You will be guided through the rest of the process in a subsequent pop-up window.

Your subscription will be stopped on the next renewal date (monthly or yearly depending on the subscription you purchased).

Should you want to renew your subscription, simply follow the first step (above).

If your subscirption has not be terminated, you will see a blue button that says "Restore plan". Simply click that button.

If your subscription has been terminated, simply click the empty box to the left of "Library Subscription" and then click "Complete plan change". You will be guided through the rest of the process in a subsequent pop-up window.

Can I get a refund?

At this time we do not offer refunds. However, you may terminate your Library subscription on the upcoming renewal date (see the associated FAQ).

How do I change my yearly subscription to monthly?

This is a two step process.

Begin by unsubscribing from the yearly subscription (see the FAQ entitled "How do I unsubscribe ...").

On your subscription anniversary, re-subscribe (see the FAQ entitled "How do I purchase a new class ...").

What time and time zone are classes held in?

Classes are in the USA, New York time (Eastern Time), 10am - noon

When is the classroom open? What if I have trouble getting into a zoom or have to join late?

The Zoom classroom opens promptly at 10am ET. You can enter or exit the webinar as needed. It's a good idea to click the link early and be in the 'waiting room' so you can be admitted with no delay. Further instructions and a link is posted in the Welcome video of your purchased class collection.

Is this an oil or watercolor class?

It's an all-media class where I teach you to see and think artistically. Properly planning your painting and knowing how to build a painting leads to consistently better art. About 70% of instruction is in oil (solvent-free methods) and 30% with sketches, watercolor, and gouache.

I'm a beginner, is this class OK for me?

Yes enthusiastic beginners are welcome. It's helpful to have some familiarity with your supplies (but not required). Nobody is born painting, we all were beginners once! Having class recorded is a boon to beginners so you can watch class again and catch all the information presented thoroughly.

Are the Zoom Classes recorded if I miss one?

Yes, class is recorded and posted on the website later in the day (about 4pm ET) for you to watch. You can find the class recording in the "Class" section of the website.

How does the critique work?

1) Live Class students are eligible for possible critique selection for free. Each Live Class 5-10 student images are selected and critiqued; attending class does not guarantee your work will be critiqued. Send art for class critiques to the email specified in your class program material.

2) A limited number of private individual critiques are available each month to any member for $100 (via email, Photoshop corrections, 1-2 images). Class students are notified via email when new private critiques are available. Priority is given to Class students. To purchase a Critique use the button in the top menu.

How to I navigate the site?

1.     Use the top Navigation Bar to change pages.  The navigation bar is shown in the photo below in the red box

A few notes about the navigation bar:

  • The current page is shown highlighted in blue.  In the above photo, you will notice that the page title is “My Approach” … you will also notice that the words “My Approach” are highlighted in blue in the menu.
  • The options on the Navigation Bar change will change if you are enrolled and have logged into the site.  

2.    Occasionally, you will see a Blue Button. Use the Blue Buttons to navigate the site -- the text inside the button tells you what will happen if the button is clicked.

Blue Buttons have two "states". When you view the page, the buttons will be shown in their normal, non-selected state (shown in the photo below in a red box). When you hover your mouse over the button, the background turns light blue (shown in the photo below in a green box) indicating that the button is "focused" and will be selected if you click your mouse or tap your finger.

Clicking or tapping the Blue Button will take you to the destination in the title of the button.

Will I be able to watch all the lessons right away once enrolled (can I 'binge watch' these)?

Yes and no.

All of the Core Collection is immediately available to all members.

All of the Learning Library is available instantly once you purchase a subscription.

If you purchase a class that has been completed (the current day is later than the last broadcast date), you will be able to immediately view all of the class content.

If you purchase a class that is in process (the current day is within the broadcast dates), additional content will be posted throughout the broadcast period. The Welcome video has a schedule describing dates content will be available.

If you purchase a class that is planned to be broadcast in the future (the current day is before the first broadcast date), the only content that will be available will be the Welcome video which has a schedule describing the plan for content availability.

Can I use my mobile phone to access the website?

Yes! The website adapts itself to a wide variety of devices. One caution: be sure to scroll the page to see all of the content -- escpcially on the Class and Library Episode pages. If you have access to a larger screen, you will probably find whatever issue you had on the phone is resolved.

Please let us know of any issues or difficulties you encounter (you can use the Contact page if you'd like).

What happens in a zoom class?

Class zooms are a way to interact with Christine and your fellow students. Participants may ask questions with Q/A button in Zoom or make comments about the art ideas, demos and concepts so far via the chat button. A town-hall style microphone will be enabled and run by the webinar host to allow students to speak if desired. The 2 hours on Zoom are usually: 15 minutes of discussion, 1hr. lecture/demo to reinforce the current lesson (this may be a new topic, new media, or a similar demo, this shorter demo is live so Students may ask questions or comment on the lesson), critique of select Participant's artwork submitted prior to class (30-45min). Class is recorded and posted in the Class collection of videos.

Are these videos for download? I'm worried about my wifi and if I can participate.

Library videos and recorded class videos are not downloadable. Reference (photos, sketches, and occasionally a pdf handout) is provided for some demos and this is downloadable. Students in general will have up to 6 months to watch the material. You will find the viewing dates on the Courses page. The class program has been tested on an older, slower PC and Mac with 'countryside wifi'. If you can watch a YouTube video, or play videos streaming on Netflix you should be fine. The class program can also be used on a smartphone or iPad. You may preview videos from the "My Approach" page by clicking the "Preview" button in the Membership description to test how things work.

How do I view videos on the site?

1.    In addition to the free Core Collection, purchased content is located in two pages / places on the website:

  • Library Page.
  • Class Page.

Both pages are available via the Navigation Bar for enrolled users.

2.    The Library is organized into categories as shown in the photo below.  To view the episodes in the library, click the Blue Button entitled “view episodes”.  For example, to view the videos in the Landscape category you would click the Blue Button shown in the red box below:

3.    All video collections are presented on a page similar to the one in the photo below.  To select an episode, use the Table of Contents shown in the red box:

A few notes about the video Table of Contents:

  • The current video is indicated with a dark grey background (in this case the video entitled “From the Bridge”).
  • To select another video, simply place your cursor over the title you wish to view and click.  As you move your cursor over the episodes, you will notice the episode will change to a light grey background.

4. Many videos have additional materials available which describe their content in more detail. This content can be found below the video in the Tab Area (shown in the red box):

A few notes about using the Tab Area:

  • The available Tabs are shown in Bold.  In the photo above, two Tabs are available (Notes and Downloads).   The complete list of Tabs include Notes, Assignment, Downloads and Related Videos.
  • The Tabs only show when there is additional content available.  Therefore, you may not see all Tabs for each episode.
  • To select a Tab and view its contents, simply click the Bold description.  In the above photo, the Tab for notes has been clicked to display the contents (shown below the tab).

Should I paint along in class during the demo, or just watch?

Students are encouraged to paint along during the class demo. Some students prefer to watch and then try the demo later during the recording. So it depends on what type of artist you are and how you like to learn.