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Join the conversation! Zoom Forums are are a way to connect with Christine, your fellow students, and occasional guests.


Date / Time: TBA (usually mid-month). Library Subscribers will be notified with email zoom invite. Upcoming Zooms are also loaded in a new tab with Zoom link, date/time and description. Recorded Forums are usually uploaded later the same day.

OCEAN FOCUS The next 3 interactive Library Zoom sessions in Library will be like a class... as I work on a large oil painting, we will share the process and you get to ask questions about the uploaded tutorials at our monthly Zoom check in. The subject will be a large ocean commission of beach, dunes, and clouds. You'll learn all there is to know about creating a large ocean artwork (see the new icon in Library main icon menu).

1: BEGINNING. Inspiration, planning and design; plus how to do a commissioned artwork. Class QA on value & design (Nov 29 Zoom)

2: PROCESS. Choosing strategic values and value groupings. Mixing color. Finding the 'right' color. Understanding massing, warm/cool color shifts (maintain value), smooth gradients, variety of shape, edges and when to layer (paint wet-in-wet, or let areas dry). (Dec 20 Zoom)

3: FINISH. When is an artwork done? How to repaint if needed. Layers. Mediums. Varnish. Critique of select student beach art. (Jan 31 Zoom)


Motivation & Improvement. How to find time to paint, be motivated, and improve as an artist.

Library Lesson Clinic: Critique of select student paintings from the Library. Q/A about 'developing your style'.

Art Business. Setting larger goals such as a show, finding time to paint, managing business tasks.

Library Lesson Clinic: Critique of select student paintings from the Library. Q/A about the role of sketches.

Impressionism: Current and Past work. A look at Master Art (Monet, Morrisot, Vuillard, Bonnard, Sciliy, Sargent, etc) and how contemporary artists use impressionistic color, design, etc.

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