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This video shows 3 versions on the same panel. Basic (white house), intermediate (merged photos) and advanced (pastel houses & memory)

1hr 30min

This video shows how I create art 'for real' versus a practice demo. I'm glad I'm able to present this to student to show important concepts such as: 1) freedom to play with a scene 2) art is not a linear progression 3) changes often make for stronger artwork and go beyond a copy mindset 4) don't give up on a painting and have courage to try the next version. Just play with it! Why not?

In watching the demo you can stop at any stage, or try out the scrape and restate process.

Customize this demo to learn about your style

Take notes as to what resonates with you and what you don't like as this demo progresses. This is important as it will define more about your personal painting tendencies. Although I've labeled the stages as beginner - intermediate all artists will benefit from each stage. The important part of the demo is to explore more in your painting than just copying. This will be hard to do at first!