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Artistic Vision

Develop your Artistic Eye. Visual and conceptual techniques encourage your 'style' of painting to emerge.


This video series will be multiple installments of demos and lectures to stimulate growth artistically. Exiting out of the 'copy' mindset and clarity of intent are presented to students in a series of videos.

The Artistic Vision series looks at one's 'artistic individuality.' Find out what our mark making means. What is fun? What is hard work? How and when do you add scholarly knowledge... and finally, when is a painting actually done? These are difficult things to teach as we are all individuals, but this is perhaps the most important type of learning... not copying 'projects' or 'photos' and instead coaching to think for yourself. I tried to share and put in to visual examples my impulses when creating art to get students thinking about what YOU have to offer visually. Also looking back on what I've learned about myself during the journey... the answers are often not what we expect.

You can use your phone or computer to 'see' in black and white. Review the Digital U series in the Library for more on use of digital material to aid your art journey. Sketches and small studies focus on your intent and inspiration. Create some small paintings or studies and focus on one choice: Value Groups, or Shape/Silhouette. Then choose Color. Finally, make some art that puts these separate elements together.

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