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Ocean Focus

Interactive mix of Zooms and uploaded tutorial videos - (Nov. 2023 -Feb. 2024)



Learn simple techniques to paint: sand, surf, sky (and how to fit them together). You'll see me work on a large oil paintings - plus students get to ask questions about the process on Zoom. Demo video tutorials and concept lessons will coach students on how to create beach art from reference (student's own, or mine). Students' ideas and questions from the Zoom sessions will be incorporated in the tutorials.

1: BEGINNING. Inspiration, planning and design uploaded tutorials. Class QA on value & design

2: PROCESS. Choosing strategic values and value groupings. Mixing color. Finding the 'right' color. Understanding massing, warm/cool color shifts (maintain value), smooth gradients, variety of shape, edges and when to layer (paint wet-in-wet, or let areas dry).

3: FINISH. When is an artwork done? How & when to repaint. Layers (fat-over-lean, direct paint, scrape and restate, scumble, warm/cool luminosity). Mediums. Varnish. Critique of select student beach art.

Gather inspiration for this series! Beach photos from vacations, memory studies, plein air studies and master artworks are all good choices for this Focus Series.

Decide what subject interests you: active surf, water glitter, billowing clouds, sand dunes, rocky beach or tidal pools, figures & structures such as docks... these are all good subjects.

Think what time of day or colors are exciting to you. These colors do not have to be present in a photo. Play with 'color dots' and lines or bars of color to try out some ideas, much like a designer would have an 'inspiration board'. Shells, driftwood, or other objects can also spark inspiration (such as fabric or master artwork art).

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