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Still Life & Figure

Still Life of sunflowers in transparent watercolor with palette, reference and narration of process.


Transparent watercolor can be flexible and fun. Christine shows how to loosen up, reduce the need for careful drawing and simplify the painting process with 'lights and brights' first, then darks. Artistic freedom is encouraged with blobs, drips and color overlap.

Try to copy a flower or garden painting you like to try some of these techniques. Good artists to look at are: Fantin Latour, Berthe Morrisot, Sargent, Bonnard, Vuillard, or Monet; or contemporary artists: Laura Robb, Cheng Chung Wei, Quang Ho. Transparent watercolor is easiest to try when you are sure of the value progression in a painting and you know which edges can be destroyed.

Still Life Photo