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Still Life

Outdoor start and indoor touchups. (Sorry for the loud background crickets in the first part!)

1hr 18min

Plein air still life with flowers, fruit and glass objects. Start-to-finish oil. Part 1 is plein air. Part 2 is edits and studio finish. (Note: glitch with camera in first 1 min) 12x16" oil. Notice how long I seem to take in the mid-stage when creating this on location.  I think by moving in to the studio I gained perspective on the important aspects of my INTENT. This goes to the idea of less copying and more clarity of intent... also less 'stuff/detail' and more 'connections/relationships'.

There was a point I was not sure this would go anywhere and I was discouraged. It was taking too long and I hated where it was. By pushing through this painting went through a rapid transformation in the studio. I was happy with the result... being outside first for inspiration was important.

sunflower reference photo


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