Core Collection

Part of a multi step video collection to stimulate creativity and be 'looser' with paint.


Coaching for creativity 'beyond' a photo, and technical advice on how to repaint an oil to 'match' your inner vision. An intuitive approach creates the impression of roses.

Enrolled Library members have access to download reference photo.

Just pick up some art materials and get creative with mark making. See what happens. Do you pick color, value, sketch paper, or do you stop (worried your choice might be wrong). There is no right or wrong here... the idea is to get started and see what happens. Explore with no agenda. See if after several tries you can find some visual moments on paper or canvas that you like. What part of the assignment was fun for you? Was it stressful to start or enjoyable. These are all important considerations. Make notes of what you like and don't like. This will help you be more creative as time goes on.

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