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Welcome to a new exciting way to learn to paint! Get a front row seat (with replay) at every demo. Virtually visit exciting locations and be inspired with the Library & Class learning options.


Have fun painting again with freedom from boring grids and charts. Learn to break away from ridged photo reference. My new art learning program is better than a static video or an in-person class, because I visit with my students to create specific content just for you. Plus you have unlimited replay! I teach you to paint for yourself and help students achieve their maximum artistic potential.

Choose what you like to do!

1: Library offers a wde selection of videos for self learning. Browse art concepts and full art demos. Learn new skills such as Digital manipulation of art or photos.

2: Join our monthly Library Zoom Forums community for topics such as how to set up an art studio space, or inside info on entering juried art shows.

3: Participate in a Class to be inspired to 'paint along' with the demo and see select student work get critiqued.

4: Private Critiques for enrolled students allow you to 'get to the next level' and provide mentorship that is one-on-one.

5: All aspects of the learning site are a-la-carte, so you choose what is right for you and your budget. Full Library access is only $15 to see all content instantly... so much learning potential!

Note: Did you know that I run my website personally and make my own content? You have direct access to me and I value my students. There is no 'middle person' to deal with if you have ideas, suggestions or questions.

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