Virtual Europe

Scrape and redo shows how I 'finish a painting'. Loose painterly top-marks are the results of laying a good foundation of value and color relationships.


Narration of decisions will educate the viewer on my objective and intuitive choices for the painting. This video will be especially helpful to intermediate and advanced artists looking to gain clarity of color and value, but maintain a fresh spontaneous look to a painting.

Beginners will also find education here, but likely will wonder 'why did I repaint this so much when I could have done this right the first time'? Yes. I often think this after I finish a painting... 'why was this so hard to do'? The answer is nuances and balance must be carefully considered as the painting happens. It's rarely a linear approach for me, my best work meanders a lot!

Try to scrape and redo without judgment that the art is a failure or 'you are wasting time'. Try to get into the groove of push pull and enjoy the process versus rushing to the outcome. It's a challenge but worth practicing this mindset.

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