Virtual Europe

Overview on the class. Scenes of photos, sketches and paintings - similar to what we might do for our upcoming art projects.


Enjoy the recorded live classes, critiques, and lectures.

FACEBOOK GROUP (private group for all of my students - present and past)

Please answer simple questions to be admitted to the group. Feel free to post and interact! Christine Lashley Art Class Attendees

Gather any reference you would like to paint such as: European country vistas, town scenes, bridges, etc. Your own reference is encouraged but not required. My reference for demos will be provided on this website in the Downloads tab, under the video. This class will be a bit different than my typical class... 'travel along' with me in Europe. I'll post extra visual reference for painting, and also focus on maximizing the visual potential during a trip and gathering reference to paint in the studio later. I'm looking forward to this!

Enjoy the recorded live demos, class lectures, and reference material.

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