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Enjoy this delightful twist on making memory studies, with commentary from young Teddy, a child present at the demo.


Filmed live at Art Haven's "Kids Plein Air" event, September 2023. The art activity was free for kids, and several professional artists at Cape Ann Plein Air (including me) volunteered to set up and paint with the children. A portion of Cape Ann Plein Air profits go to support this program. Today's outing was designed to encourage kids to paint plein air and let professional artists paint side by side with the children. When I arrived I wasn't sure what to expect, however Teddy comes over to see what I'm doing as I paint and we have a chat about: design, painting water, art choices, and what is our favorite color. I think you'll really enjoy Teddy's astute commentary.

Obviously there is something to be learned about memory studies, but I feel this video offers more because we get to see the art process through the eyes of a child. Memory studies are present in several videos of my program. What makes this special is listening to a child respond to the art process. Try to approach your studies with a curious mind, like Teddy does. I feel like I really enjoyed my time more because we were chatting about the process. Perhaps try this with young people in your life. Schools need art more than ever, as program funding is being cut out of the tight education budgets. See if you can present a simple art project like this to a school or group of young people.



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