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1hr 35min

This video is a demo, class, and tutorial on water and reflections. See how to find a scene, pitfalls to avoid, and watch a start-to-finish oil painting. Several artists and current students join me on location and paint in watercolor and oil, you can hear their thoughts on the scene, see the art created, and hear suggestions I make. Blue dots show the chapters in the video. The last segment shows a studio painting evolve based on the on-location study.

Do you like to find your own scene or copy a demo example to learn? Notice in the student's painting section we see both types of art happening (copy and unique). Students were allowed the freedom to choose a scene, or copy the demo. Each method offers a different way to learn. If you are a 'copy' painter, try branching out to design your own painting. If you strike out on your own and like to do your own thing, try copying and see what you can learn.

Potomac reflections photo reference