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Please note this has no narration of process, however, palette and scene are shown.

PLEIN AIR TIPS: easel setup shown is EasyL Lite box (my favorite mid-size box) and Oben CC-2361 carbon tripod (the inexpensive one that came with my box broke eventually, so this is an upscale replacement). This tripod has long legs that can handle a steep hill or uneven terrain. I like a white tote bag for my art gear, as I can see any bugs that get on it! (better than black). Orvis tote bag shown. LL Bean also sells white totes. I use a permethrin spray (Repel) on the bottom of the bag to prevent ticks and chiggers from crawling on it. You can use this spray on shoes also (Repel is not for skin, just for gear/clothes). Some artists use a tarp when painting plein air. I don't use bug spray with DEET (it's rarely useful) instead I may use a natural spray on occasion, but mostly I find a hat is to be the best gnat deterrent and long-sleeve lightweight shirt for summer and long pants (tucked in if needed). (Tilley makes great hats). A hat will thwart most bugs like pesky gnats, and also help your eyes to see color and value better because your eyes are shaded and your pupils will be more open.

Summer Solstice oil, 9x12"