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Demystify the ups and downs of the artistic process... myths exposed, and how to develop a healthy outlook on your art.


The creative process is examined and explained, with tips for viewers to have more fun with the learning aspect of making art. How to 'push' to finish a painting and learning more about 'your style' are explored. Also addressed is overcoming the fear of 'bad art' during the mid-stage of creating a painting. The mentality of TRYING is more successful over time than SOLVING a problem, as artists should always be learning and growing.

Find artists you like and create a Pinterest board or collect art books to inspire you. Decide why you like paintings (yours or other's work). Define strong areas of your artwork and art aesthetic. Try to define areas in your work that could be improved and take steps to 'chip away' at skills you find hard to do. Practice easy skills and hard-to-do skills in small (or large!) blocks of time, but make a commitment to try.

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