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A look at different setups for outdoor painting (plein air). Oil and watercolor easels and paintboxes are shown.


In the end, the choice will be yours as to how you want to paint. Shown in the video are several 'systems' that are useful for different situations. Of paramount importance will be how much you can carry and for how long. Art supplies for a day at the beach, or sketching in Europe will be different than a best setup for a plein air competition.

For workshop students it's essential to try out all equipment prior to departure. Make sure you know how to set up your materials, that your easel works well (with no missing or broken parts), and that you have brushes, paper or panels, and paint that you need. Make sure oil tubes are fresh and pliable and that a watercolor palette has time to dry if you are taking it in your carry-on bag (so it is not a wet item for TSA to confiscate).

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