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Color mixing, knowing wetness levels, how to apply paint, and simple studies are discussed. Then, test your memory with increasingly complex studies using watercolor to help.


Watercolor can help you be more intuitive. Christine shows viewers how to mix color in part 1 and then shows how to make simples studies to explore 'wetness level' ideas. Later in the video is a test of memory with trying to use watercolor to show compliments, value, and merged color for a gold trees study.

Make your own color chart and try mixing puddles of color to explore watercolor further. Watercolor's power (and helping hand!) comes from the merging puddles and interlocking shapes it creates. Try some quick studies with watercolor. Also try memory studies... this is much easier than with oil as watercolor is much faster for color notes, shapes, and merging. See how far you can stretch your memory of a scene!

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