Nature Elements

Creating clouds on a sunny beach with boats in the distance. Demo is in oil, re-created in the studio, with plein air scene shown in last video frames.

1hr, 1min

Demo in oil with material review in beginning. Suitable for all media, however see basic cloud studies videos if you are using water media, this might be a better fit for you. Time is spent showing the value scale with regard to mixing the clouds. You can play the video faster (see gear icon in lower right) or use chapter dots to navigate.

Create the demo as a step-by-step video or use your own reference. It's important to stay as blocky as you can for clouds in oil while you place all your values in the scene. Avoid smoothing the clouds out until the end. If you are feeling overwhelmed by the amount of clouds simplify your scene as shown in the previous videos of cloud studies. You can even do just one cloud if you want to. The important lessons and skills here are using proper values for the sky blues, creating the sky 'fade' idea (cool purple blues to teals blues near the horizon) and not having the clouds too white (use cream or peach colors). Mixing good grays is also part of the lesson.

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Door County Clouds - Reference Photo and Art

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