Nature Elements

Join me on location in the Smokies for some plein air fun. I show what I really loved about the week of painting and some art I did for the event. Rivers, flowing water, cascades, rocks, reflections are shown.



Students have told me it's very helpful to know what and why I chose to paint something for myself. This is not necissarily the same scene as what will make a good demo painting to illustrate a concept step-by-step in class. At my last event I decided to try to take some video to help students learn about this process and what goes on in my head when I'm at a week-long event. In addition, I've found that photo reference can be very static and too crispy, especially with the newer iPhone grabbing every detail and sharpening the edges and increasing the contrast. I'm taking more video for myself to use.


Yes, a downloadable photo will be provided for the demo and learning lesson. This video is bonus material.

Learn how I see 'potential' in a scene and compare to my finished artwork. This is really how I work. I can seem scattered, or fixated on one thing (moving water)! But this is my preference. By hearing my thoughts and seeing my choices, perhaps you gather your OWN reference for class. Things and scenes you like, or your home landscape. For example if you live near the beach in a tropical area, the mountain scenes presented might seem to 'cold' to you. You might not like so many rocks. Perhaps you'd rather paint the water of an estuary or sandy pool with sea creatures. The same visual concepts could apply when we do our lessons. So start gathering reference for class, and try to take some video instead of just photos!

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