Nature Elements

Oil demo of sailboat whites in sun/shadow with water reflections. Watch "Prep" video first to fully understand our project's inspiration, concepts, colors, and value.


Before rushing to complete a painting, take time to understand what will make it work: inspiration, main idea, value, color, etc. This will keep all paint strokes on track as the art gets created. As I make this painting for you I narrate when I'm getting off track (more than once!) and how I correct myself. This is important to know as you'll want to work from your own reference... if not for this lesson, in the future.

Grouped shapes that are MERGED TOGETHER will be essential for making good boat paintings. Plan to create a project with whites in sun and shadow - and water reflections. (Yes, you can do it, even beginners.) The main issue will be staying on task for no 'concrete shapes' or labels for objects, such as 'boat' or 'dock'. Notice in this painting demo these items are merged together and never have a ridged outline.

Work from my reference, your own reference, or a master painting. Merging reference is also encouraged (as I do for my demo).

Master artists who paint boats: John Singer Sargent, Edward Seago, Charles Movalli, Derick Pennix

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Sailboat Reference Photos

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