Nature Elements

In-depth look at concepts required for our painting in Lesson 2. Water reflections, value & color plus master art examples are shown.


Regardless of how much you know there is always more to be learned from examining reflections and the value/color relationships present in art and photos. This video will show students how to 'go beyond' copying a photo and tap into the essence of a scene. Knowing the elements presented will facilitate ease of painting for our chosen project.

Watercolor example is shown of scene and plein air paintings. Boat reference photos are similar to what Sargent would have scene when painting his white boats so this is of special interest to watercolor artists. Sargent's colors are provided in the download in the full sailboat demo lesson (next video in series).

Don't skip this preliminary info for the demo. I know it's tempting, but if you train yourself to analyze a scene it will go better during painting... whether you are working plein air, from your own reference or copying the demo exactly. With practice this step becomes quick, second nature and a comfort. I also use this information-seeking mindset to backtrack when a painting 'goes wrong', seek master art examples, or find additional reference.

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