Nature Elements

Welcome to the Nature Elements class! All class material (videos and Zoom link) post here. Recorded classes are posted (usually) by 4pm ET.



please contact Mark Branigan if you have trouble joining class <>

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Bonus Cloud Concepts and Watermedia Studies Uploaded

Bonus Video Reference Uploaded

Clouds/Fog Nov 9 (upload) Orientation Zoom 10-11 ET (New York time)

Clouds/Fog Nov 16 Class, Zoom 10-12 ET

Water/Boat Dec 7 (upload)

Water/Boat Dec 14 Class, Zoom 10-12 ET

Trees/Design Jan 11 (upload)

Trees/Design Jan 18 Class, Zoom 10-12 ET

Critique Info

Live Class students are eligible for possible critique selection for free. Each Live Class 5-10 student images are selected and critiqued; attending class does not guarantee your work will be critiqued. Send art for class critiques to the dedicated Class Critique email ONLY... Christine Lashley <>  Art NOT sent here will be disqualified. You will be notified only if you are selected for critique. Selection criteria: relevant to class, media, concept presentation (not merit based). Submit only one photo of medium res. Do not include any reference or sketches unless you feel it's critical (usually it is not). I will be reviewing the new student art images the day before class (it's ok if you sent this early, decisions are made by 3pm.).

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