Nature Elements

Fog demo, critique of cloud paintings.


Use the Download tab to get the photo reference used for the live class. Final demo with palette is posted in down load tab.

Focus on: value, design, feel, and mixing good greens.

I finished the painting after class. See final art in download tab. Here is what I did: mostly worked on the middle ground to stop the viewer from zooming to the background to quickly. The far marsh, shore, and tree clumps got refined for shapes and color shift. During zoom the camera equipment was obscuring the left of the painting. I realized when I stepped back that I needed cooler and darker tall grass under the left trees. Also I raised up the top and faded the left tree mass. Sky holes were added last.

IMPORTANT... As you work on a painting towards the finish... you know you are on the right track if small value/color shifts look big. You know you need to simplify and group together shape/value/color when you reach for brighter and more 'shouty' color or value. Watch out for the urge to make edges super crisp and tidy. Examine my final art to see how 'messy' it really is with shaggy edges all over.

Paint along in class or use your own reference photo that is similar in feel. We will be specifically looking at how to paint fog and dramatic lighting.

The file download will open an a separate tab in your browser.
Right click the file and choose "Save As" to save on your computer.

Marsh art and photo reference for Fog Nature Elements class


Marsh Art Final Demo Oil, 10x10

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