Nature Elements

Choice of demo, design edits to photo, live demo, and select critique of prior student paintings from class.


See attached download examples for which reference we will choose to paint. Composition edits, good and bad elements of chosen photo will be discussed.

(Hi-res demo spliced in). See attached finished painting.

This is what I did after class: I spent about 2-3 hours doing the 'push-pull' of paint that I mention in many of my videos and demos. This is crucial for exploration and understanding. This is how you grow... care less or not at all about the outcome. Shift between rational/learning/tight and intuitive/creative/loose. If this is done all the time it's exhausting. Creating feels like it can take forever (all those hours on a little 9x12"!), or is never done because there is always something to do, or new things to try, or new things you see as you develop as an artist. The vitality of a painting can certainly be lost. Things will 'get ruined' and they don't come back. However, new good things emerge too, so never be discouraged as it takes time and perseverance. Do the push-pull method in bursts and when it strikes you... not all the time as it's intense learning.

See download tab for 2 images to choose from for my live demo. Which do you want me to do?

We will decided to do the stream demo together in class.

The file download will open an a separate tab in your browser.
Right click the file and choose "Save As" to save on your computer.





River Rocks Oil 9x12 Artwork

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